Fleetwood Manufactured Homes Quality

Fleetwood Manufactured Homes Quality
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Fleetwood Manufactured Home Goes to the Dump

Fleetwood Manufactured Home Rebuilding Project
The view sorta tells you why I didn't sell my Fleetwood Manufactured Home off to some other sucker. This particular view is over the addition I had added in the early 90's. The addition is great, but unbeknownst to everyone, laying the addition's roof on the Fleetwood Manufactured Home's roof was a BAD idea. After all, the new roof was real construction materials, like 2x6's and stuff. The Fleetwood Home's roof is 1x2's, and even my sister knows these are only good for holding up tomato plants. So in a couple years one of the Fleetwood trusses completely snapped. Initially I suspected it was just sagging, but I was later proved wrong.

Fleetwood Manufactured Roof Demolition Pile.
Here's a small portion of the demolition pile. Yes, ya throw all the crap off the roof, and then, lacking a dumpster, ya get to throw it (again) into the trailer. Then drive it to the dump then throw it again. All this throwing is a real pain and definitely to be avoided by, for example, NOT buying a Fleetwood Manufactured Home.

Fleetwood Manufactured Roof Being Carried off to the Dump.
And here we are heading to the dump. Big truck, big engine, pulls Fleetwood Manufactured Home roof debris easily. True, it's a nice day so what am I complaining about? But frankly there's other things to do with a nice day than unload crap at the dump.


Our Fleetwood Home Manufacturing Quality Symbol

Fleetwood Manufactured Home Quality: In Pieces

Fleetwood Manufactured Home Roof

Fleetwood Manufactured Home at Dump
Unloading at the dump is fun! Unfortunately my trailer doesn't dump, so I had to unload all this crap by hand. Over and over again because there were a LOT of loads.

Fleetwood Manufactured Home Meets New Friends.
Meanwhile, it appears that my Fleetwood Manufactured Home's roof made some new friends, like Mr. Crusher here.


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